GDPR for Service.

GDPR for Service

If you require support for equipment supplied by Inspiration Healthcare Limited which may hold patient data you must email your request in advance using the wording set out below.

Please copy and paste the wording below, completing the appropriate sections, and email it to your contact at Inspiration Healthcare Limited and CC in This is necessary for GDPR legislation purposes.

We, _______________________________,1 request Inspiration Healthcare Limited to download data from our equipment / unlock our equipment / other (specify: ____________________________) 2 which may lead to employees of Inspiration Healthcare Limited to access and/or process anonymised patient personal data. We confirm that this communication constitutes prior written consent given to Inspiration Healthcare Ltd or their employees to access and/or process patient personal data, including approval for such data to be processed outside of the EU if necessary. We also confirm that we have complied with data protection law in the provision of access to such data to Inspiration Healthcare Limited and their employees. We acknowledge our responsibility for any patient data that employees of Inspiration Healthcare Ltd may access in carrying out the requested task(s) and ensuring that such data is in a secure format in accordance with the data standards set by us.



1 Insert name of company/trust

2 Cross through or insert as appropriate

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