Acutronic Monsoon III.

Jet Ventilation

The MONSOON III from Acutronic medical supplies is based on the clinical experience and proven success of its predecessor, the AMS 1000.  The high-frequency jet ventilation provides continuous ventilation for the open, unblocked respiratory system, and may if desired, obtain a chest restraint under current ventilation.  Acutronic’s jet ventilation works at very high pressures to produce fast gas exchange (jet), which ensures high gas flow, oxygenation and ventilation for the patient.

The jet has a capacity to deliver a wide frequency range, from 4 to 1600 breaths per minute. Intrapulmonary pressures will not increase due to the open ventilation system delivered by the jet. This is an efficient method of atelectasis prevention.  The ability to deliver high pressures allows one to ventilate the patient with small tubes or narrow catheters. The result is one of the key advantages of jet ventilation, namely, easy accessibility to the larynx and trachea for diagnostic and surgical procedures.


  • 9” detachable colour touch screen/ control panel with video-option
  • Jet ventilation connection
  • SIPL-Super Imposed Pressure Limit (known as Super Imposed Jet-Ventilation)
  • Set Bypass-Flow like constant flow
  • O2 Mixer
  • Numerical display of all measured pressure and ventilation parameters
  • Graphical airway pressure curves
  • Comwheel and colour touch screen user interface
  • Jet connector and airway adapter pressure monitoring
  • Complimentary standard functions such as CO2 monitoring, laser therapy and help function.

Jet Ventilation Technology

  • The monsoon can deliver a wide frequency range from 4 to 1600 breaths per minute.
  • A high-frequency jet ventilation application provides continuous ventilation in the open, unblocked respiratory system and can keep the chest moving only slightly (similar to apnoea) under current ventilation.
  • The ability to deliver high pressures permits ventilating the patient with small tubes or narrow catheters. This results in accessibility to the larynx and trachea for diagnostic and surgical procedures.
  • Due to the integration of heating and humidification, the ACUTRONIC monsoon can be used for short-term and long-term single or superimposed high-frequency jet ventilation.

Acutronic Medical Systems AG, based in Hirzel (Zurich, Switzeland) was founded in 1981, and utilises over 30 years of experience in neonatal and paediatric ventilation, technological advancements, and flow sensor design to produce the very best in accurate patient monitoring and ventilation. Acutronic pioneered jet ventilation; a technique of artificial respiration in ENT and thoracic surgery, becoming a major player in ventilation and involved in founding the European Society for Jet Ventilation  (ESJV).

Acutronic Medical Systems AG focuses on artificial respiration and monitoring of neonates and preterm newborn children. In the mid 2000’s, Acutronic launched the FABIAN Neonatal and Paediatric family of ventilators, powerful, small size, sophisticated high quality instruments, used both in the Neonatal and Paediatric intensive care unit as  well as for patient transport inside and outside the hospital. Together with important clinical experts in anaesthesia, ENT, thoracic surgery and neonatology, Acutronic develops new innovative solutions for the daily clinical routine with an eye for technology, patient and operator safety. 

For more information, or to see relevant materials, please visit the Acutronic website.





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