Paediatric Intensive Care (PICU).

NeoStatCO2>Kg® & Mini StatCO2® End Tidal Detectors.

NeoStatCO2<Kg® & Mini StatCO2® End Tidal Detectors from Mercury Medical reliably monitor the ET Tube. The detectors make sure the ET tube is fitted correctly and stays in place throughout transport or simply when the patient is moving (especially important with infants).  One NeoStatCO2<Kg or Mini StatCO2 effectively provides 24-hour performance with breath-to-breath colour changes for ET Tube placement verification.

NeoStatCO2<Kg is suitable for patients 0.25kg - 6kg
Mini StatCO2 is suitable for patients 1kg - 15kg.


  • 24 hour performance
  • Works in 100% humidity
  • Vivid breath-to-breath colour change
  • Detects up to 100 breaths per minute
  • The only CO2 detector available indicated for use on patients below 1 kg (between 0.25 kg to 6 kgs)
  • 2-year shelf life 

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