Therapeutic Hypothermia Workstations.

Therapeutic Hypothermia Workstations are a complete solution designed for the management of Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy (HIE).


Therapeutic Hypothermia Workstation from Inspiration Healthcare combines the Tecotherm Neo servo control cooling device and integrated Unique CFM for continuous monitoring of aEEG and other parameters, such as EEG, ECG and rSO2. The compact size and convenient mobility of the Therapeutic Hypothermia Workstation means it can fit easily by the bedside, where space is limited. It also helps keep the workspace tidy with two drawers for user manuals, accessories and other items.

Transport Kit 

Treating HIE in transport is becoming standard practice for many clinicians. Therapeutic Hypothermia Transport Kit includes the servo control Tecotherm Neo device, which is ideal for stabilising temperatures on the move, and a fully portable Unique CFM system that allows you to monitor continuous aEEG.

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