Neonatal Resuscitation.


Neonatal bedside resuscitation unit

In the first few moments of life there can be a real dilemma for clinical staff. Despite the clear evidence outlining the benefits of Optimal Cord Clamping, most guidelines state that priority should be given to resuscitation of the infant.

The LifeStart™ eliminates this dilemma. Designed with input from experienced paediatricians, midwives and obstetricians, its compact design allows the LifeStart™ to be easily positioned close to the mother, enabling the infant’s airway to be supported on a warm platform whilst leaving the umbilical cord intact. This helps to facilitate improved placental transfusion and smoother cardiovascular transition, providing the best starting life for the baby. 

Providing optimal care to the baby within close proximity to the mother and birth partner, allows family members to stay together for mutual comfort, without having to be separated from their baby during this worrying procedure. It can also enhance communication between the mother, birth partner and clinician, giving reassurance that their baby is receiving the best possible care.

LifeStart™ not only facilitates the best treatment for the baby but also helps bring some normality to birth at a stressful time for families.

For the best start


• Facilitates Optimal Cord Clamping to improve placental transfusion
• Provides stabilisation using optional Inspire rPAP™ system
to enable smooth cardiovascular transition
• Aids effective hypothermia management with optional AlphaCore5 Patient Warming System


• Compact platform on lockable casters for easy positioning
• Adjustable height to suit most types of delivery
• Air and Oxygen cylinder holders for safe manoeuvrability


• Ergonomic design enables mother, birth partner and baby to stay close throughout treatment
• Provides comfort and maintains valuable bond between mother and baby
• Enhances communication between clinical team
and parents

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