Respiratory Care.

First Breath™ nCPAP.

nCPAP Generator - The next Generation of nCPAP

First Breath™ nCPAP marks the new Generation in nCPAP technology.

With a new, improved fixation method and only one tube coming over the baby’s head, our new system provides ease of use to the carer and enhanced comfort to the baby.

The First Breath Headgear has been optimised to only 5 sizes, so it’s easier to manage and requires less size transitions as the baby grows.

The new First Breath™ Generator design uses established fluidic flip technology, minimising the imposed work of breathing (iWoB) and encourages the baby to maintain its respiratory drive.

The First Breath™ nCPAP Generator body has lower profile, which facilitates kangaroo care, which is important for the developmental care of the baby.

Breathing Circuits and Accessories - Complete Respiratory Support

First Breath™ range of breathing circuits ensures the patient receives optimally heated and humidified gases.

Our circuits are suitable for conventional ET ventilation, oxygen therapy and non-invasive ventilation in single-limb and dual-limb modes.

Each circuit is single patient use and can be adapted easily to meet the needs of the patient.

The First Breath™ Breathing Circuits range ensures that any performance and cost requirements can be met, without compromising on patient care.

A number of comprehensive features make our circuits ideal for the modern Neonatal Intensive Care unit and provide unmatched versatility.

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