Respiratory Care.

Inspiration Air/Oxygen Blender.

The ability to provide mixed air and oxygen in a safe, easy and controlled manner in the critical care unit is becoming increasingly important. Air/Oxygen Blenders from Inspiration Healthcare offer a simple, reliable and accurate method of delivering the gas to the patient.

It is also important that hospital equipment can offer flexibility, as many hospitals look to standardise on spare parts and service. As blenders can be used in various departments, from Neonatal Intensive Care, to Adult ITU, Recovery and High Dependency Units, it is imperative that hospitals can have a single product line that can be adapted to fulfil different needs.

In order to offer maximum flexibility, Air/Oxygen Blenders can be specified for either mounting on a pole or rail, with or without gas hoses, with a variety of flow meters. A standard one year warranty can also be upgraded to 3 years.

Other blenders are available upon request, including MRI compatible models and various different flows and configurations – speak to your Inspiration Healthcare representative for further information.

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