Respiratory Care.

Acutronic Fabian HFOi.

From the delivery room to the NICU: the fabian HFOi from Acutronic offers the best performance across many ventilation modes in a single device. The HFOi, the latest edition of fabian HFO, comes with the High Frequency Oscillation technology fully integrated into the inspiratory port: no additional tubing for HFO needed. Furthermore, the added 'fresh gas' port allows for easier use of NO systems and functions as a nCPAP port: making it even easier to switch modes.

Ease of Use

The fabian HFOi is designed to optimize clinicians‘ and nurses‘ work flow within a single device: reducing the time needed to manage ventilator controls, configurations or different devices, resulting in more time and focused care for the baby.

Developmental Care

Acutronic understand the importance of nurturing the maturing senses of neonates: the fabian HFOi is amongst the quietest ventilators on the market, creating a low-stress and low-noise environment for the undisturbed handling, bonding and kangaroo care of the baby during its development.


HFOi has been designed with the future in mind: in addition to the pre-integrated conventional and triggered ventilation modes, software and hardware modules that may be required in the future are easily integrated and can be configured according to your needs.


Designed for mobility: thanks to its compact size, the fabian HFOi allows for transport within the hospital from delivery room to NICU and easy access to the baby at all times at the bedside.

Patient Safety

The fabian HFOi is designed to keep babies safe and protected whenever they are ventilated. This includes the reduced risk of volutrauma in HFO with VG, the reduced risk of contamination with the HFO pulse generated from the inspiratory side and reduced risks of user errors with a user-friendly interface.

Compatibility & Interface

This flexible system is compatible with all conventional breathing circuits currently available on the market. In addition, the fabian HFOi is equipped with several communication interfaces (Acutronic AcuLink, Philips VueLink and CapsuleTech) for compatibility to hospital data management systems.

Acutronic Medical Systems AG, based in Hirzel (Zurich, Switzerland) was founded in 1981, and utilises over 30 years of experience in neonatal and paediatric ventilation, technological advancements, and flow sensor design to produce the very best in accurate patient monitoring and ventilation. Acutronic pioneered jet ventilation; a technique of artificial respiration in ENT and thoracic surgery, becoming a major player in ventilation and involved in founding the European Society for Jet Ventilation  (ESJV).

Acutronic Medical Systems AG focuses on artificial respiration and monitoring of neonates and preterm newborn children. In the mid 2000’s, Acutronic launched the FABIAN Neonatal and Paediatric family of ventilators, powerful, small size, sophisticated high quality instruments, used both in the Neonatal and Paediatric intensive care unit as  well as for patient transport inside and outside the hospital. Together with important clinical experts in anaesthesia, ENT, thoracic surgery and neonatology, Acutronic develops new innovative solutions for the daily clinical routine with an eye for technology, patient and operator safety. 

For more information, or to see relevant materials, please visit the Acutronic website.






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