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SoundEar II®.

SoundEar II®  is a unique device for giving a visual warning for when background sound levels rise above pre-set levels. In modern hospitals noise levels can get high without visitors and staff realising, setting the SoundEar II to an appropriate level can give a warning to everyone that noise levels are getting too high. A simple ‘traffic light system’ alerts the staff to unacceptable levels of noise: green – all is fine, amber – noise is getting close to the limit, and red – noise is over the limit.

Many hospital patients complain about the high level of noise on the ward. This includes noise from medical equipment, staff and visitors, closing doors etc. Research has shown that noise levels above 50 dB delay recovery and rehabilitation periods, thereby causing patients to stay for an unnecessary, prolonged length of time. Sound levels are particularly important in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, where loud noises can affect the neurodevelopment of very young infants.

Hospitals of the future focus on lower noise levels. Not only does a good audio environment facilitate recovery, it also leads to better sleep patterns and higher levels of patient and staff well-being.

SoundEar II® is mounted onto a wall, showing the noise level in an easy to understand manner,  giving a warning whenever the noise level gets too high. SoundEar II® is a good system to utilise in particularly sensitive hospital areas:

• Neonatal units

• Operating rooms

• Recovery rooms

• Rooms with several beds

• Quiet areas

• Waiting rooms

The SoundEar II can be easily hung on a wall, using a picture hook and plugs directly into the mains socket allowing continuous usage. A data logging version is also available to record times when noise levels are getting too high – ideal for auditing purposes.

For more information, or to see relevant materials, please visit the NoiseMeters Limited Website.





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