Procedural Devices.

ALGOPEDOL® Sucrose 24% Solution.

Algopedol Sucrose 24% Solution can be used to help calm and comfort stressed babies when they are undergoing painful procedures including heel pricks and eye exams. Many centres around the world routinely give a few drops of sucrose solution in to the baby’s mouth a couple of minutes before the painful procedure. Scientific evidence has shown that small babies feel procedural pain very acutely and that it causes rise in heart rate, blood pressure and stress hormone levels. Because young babies do not have fixed pain thresholds early painful experiences can cause long-lasting increased sensitivity to pain.

ALGOPEDOL® Sucrose 24% Solution is available in single patient twist-cap vials, each containing 2.0 ml of Sucrose 24% Solution. Sucrose 24% is available with a 2-year shelf life from Date of Manufacture and is packaged under the Pharmaceutical Good Manufacturing Process (GMP).

Each single patient vial is graduated in 0.5 ml increments so the sucrose can be accurately delivered, drop-by-drop to the baby. Once opened, the vials can be laid flat at the cot-side for reapplication for up to 8 hours, eliminating the cost of a syringe. It is simple to use, ideal for use in newborn transfer as well as in the community setting, where the traditional cups are easily split and significant wastage reported. In the neonatal environment, infection control issues are minimised, reducing the length of time vials are left opened awaiting reapplication. It can be used throughout the Neonatal Unit, Paediatric & Post Natal Wards as well as Community Midwifery teams. Administrated straight from the vial or dripped on to a pacifier, no syringe required.


  • Single patient use reduces waste
  • Reapplication for up to 8 hours
  • Graduated in 0.5 ml increments for drop-by-drop delivery
  • Packaged under Pharmaceutical GMP
  • 2 year shelf life from Date of Manufacture
  • Preservative free
  • No syringe costs Simple & convenient to use





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