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DandleROO™ Lite.

DandleROO™ Lite was developed by clinicians to support the neurodevelopment of the preterm infant. It is an innovative medical product with a disposable nest system.


  • Manufactured from soft, stretchy cotton – lightweight to allow at least 70% of phototherapy light to penetrate a single layer
  • Modular ROO accessories can be added to meet the infant’s needs:
    • Adjustable brim to help shield eyes from direct light
    • Multi-purpose Roll as a prone roll or supine support to bring hips into a posterior tilt
    • Gel Pillow and cotton cover for a soft supportive surface.
  • Adjustable micro-fasteners provide secure support
  • Upper and lower extremities can be adjusted independently according to the baby’s medical or developmental needs
  • Head roll may be fastened out of the way to accommodate/support medical equipment

Can be used for admissions, procedures, eye exams, hearing screens, during transport, during phototherapy or at any time a baby would benefit from containment or calming

For more information, or to see relevant materials, please visit the DandleLION Website.





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