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DandleROO™ from DandleLION was developed by clinicians to support the neurodevelopment of the preterm infant and is an essential piece of medical equipment for neonatal intensive care units. DandleROO is an innovative nest system with a padded head boundary, gel pillow, detachable soft shield to protect from direct light and multipurpose roll for support. DandleROO’s unique design facilitates appropriate positioning and the soft, stretchable organic cotton surrounds and comforts the infant. Soft wings around the shoulders encourage self-comforting behaviours, whilst the lower wrap provides support and flexion to the lower extremities.

The included multipurpose roll can fit in a pocket on the underside of the DandleROO to act as a prone roll, or can be used in supine and side-lying positions to promote hip and pelvic flexion. A fitted gel pillow cushions and cradles the head and shoulders, helping to minimise head moulding, while the detachable brim shields the infant’s eyes from direct light. In the DandleROO an infant can be easily moved with minimal distress for kangaroo care, weighing or examination.


  • A flexible aid supporting prone, supine and side line positioning
  • Facilitates kangaroo care
  • Encourages self-comforting behaviours
  • Organic cotton, soft against the skin
  • Multi-use as it can be washed and reused
  • Available in 3 sizes complete with corresponding gel pillow

Optional laundry bag to help maintain integrity

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