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Dandle WRAP™ Stretch.

Swaddling infants, limiting motor activity and mimicking the security of the womb, has proven positive effects: increased heart rate stability and a higher chance of sleeping through the startle reflex to name but two. The Dandle WRAP™ Stretch offers many benefits over the traditional blankets used to swaddle infants in many units.


  • High performance fabric with 3 way stretch that allows freedom of movement with return to midline flexion
  • A pouch to hold the baby securely and to help maintain lower extremity flexion
  • Wide wings that support the shoulders in flexion and encourage hand to mouth self-comforting behaviours
  • Velcro® fasteners on pouch and wings that can be adjusted independently of each other to meet baby’s individual needs
  • Fabric that breathes, yet is absorbent making it ideal for agitated babies
  • Plenty of room between the pouch and the wings for lines or tubing

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