Neurology (aEEG).

Unique CFM.

Next Generation Wireless Brain Monitoring

CFM monitoring (also known as aEEG or CFAM) has been used in diagnosis of brain injury for many years. The Unique CFM takes this tried and tested clinical application to the next level with features that a modern Intensive Care facility needs as standard.

Bluetooth Technology

Using Bluetooth technology, the Unique CFM Amplifier can connect to a PC within the clinical area removing the need for untidy wires and extra pieces of equipment in a confined space. Traces can be reviewed remotely if the PC is networked through the Hospital network, allowing for a fast second opinion looking at all the information available.

Single or Dual Channel aEEG

The Unique can be set-up easily for either Single Channel aEEG, or Dual Channel aEEG, offering the user both Unipolar and Bi-Polar applications depending on the patient’s condition and the expertise of the user. Extra electrodes can be applied at any time to increase the information displayed. Start up is simple, and the screen can show as much or as little information as the user wishes to see – all by the click of a mouse, or a touch of the screen. An optional Video can be synchronised to record physical movement as well as Electrical Activity in the brain.


  • User choice of 1 or 2 channels of aEEG
  • Online report writing
  • Real time display of aEEG and EEG
  • Spectral Analysis
  • Optional synchronised video facility
  • Insertion of markers to aid later review
  • Battery powered lightweight amplifier - ideal for transport
  • Connects to any PC via Bluetooth
  • Up to 4 patients monitored and displayed on one screen
  • Reviewing requires no additional software – auto-executable files open on any PC
  • High amplitude alarm to highlight unusual activity
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