Neonatal Patient Warming.

CosyTherm NT.

Inspiration Healthcare’s patented flexible carbon polymer technology has been used as an innovative solution for preventing or treating hypothermia in a range of clinical applications. CosyTherm NT systems combine effective thermal transfer with simplicity of use to provide a superior warming system for neonates and infants in the NICU. 

The CosyTherm NT Range

CosyTherm NT mattresses are available in a range of sizes to fit all standard bassinets. Warming blankets are also available for situations where it is more practical to warm the infant from above.

The CosyTherm NT control unit has a range of options:

  • Mains only, three temperature ranges
  • Mains and battery, three temperature ranges, with integral rechargeable battery for greater flexibility and infant transfer situations
  • Mains, battery and DC, with all of the features and benefits of the mains and battery unit, plus DC power that will run from any supply between 12 Vdc and 28 Vdc

All CosyTherm NT control units are available with or without an infant temperature monitor.

The fully integrated battery will power a standard CosyTherm NT mattress for 4 hours and is automatically recharged when the unit is connected to mains power.The simple CosyThermNT control unit offers a low cost option where battery and DC power are not needed and has an in-built clamp to attach to a vertical pole or bar.

Convenience and Simplicity

  • Nursing access to the infant is unhindered
  • Simple to operate with quick warm-up time
  • Temperature setting is easily adjusted over a wide range to meet all clinical needs
  • Designed to suit all sizes of bassinet
  • Mattresses fully sealed and easy to clean
  • Frees up complex and expensive incubator resource for infants with greatest need

Safety and Security

CosyTherm NT mattresses have a soft, durable, latex-free cover, for patient comfort and long product life. The pressure redistribution foam used in the construction of the CosyTherm NT helps ensure tissue viability is not compromised.

  • Avoids the infection risks associated with water based systems
  • Low voltage operation and uniform warming surface ensure safety of infants and staff
  • Independent thermal cut-out prevents overheating under any circumstances
  • Fully approved and widely proven in clinical practice

Developmental Care

NIDCAP and other types of Developmental Care are made easier if the infant can be nursed in an open cot, rather than in an incubator. For infants requiring assistance with thermalregulation open nursing with CosyTherm NT can help:

  • Provide and support family-centred Developmental Care, and optimize kangaroo care
  • Built-in pressure relief to aid dermal health
  • Protect the infant’s sleep pattern
  • Facilitate the assessment and management of the infant’s pain and stress
  • Create a healing environment that is developmentally-appropriate
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