Atom Incu-i.

The Incu-i from Atom Medical is a compact, innovative incubator that's user-friendly and unique features to help provide the best care possible.

  • Make the best use of workspace around the incubator - equipment can be easily mounted to the F-rail pole
  • Compact design - the compact size keeps the footprint of to a minimum for easier access and movement
  • Touch control panel - Color display for easy use and identification of controls and parameters
  • Trend display - Thelps identify changes in the infant’s vital signs and the environment within the incubator - air temperature, skin temp, relative humidity, oxygen concentration, SpO2, pulse rate
  • Weighing Scales - measure the infant's weight automatically in the incubator in 1g increments

Developmental Care

  • Snap-open access ports can be opened and closed silently - The infant is protected from the stress of noise caused by opening and closing access ports
  • Rotary damper for silent operation of the admittance panel - The admittance panel can be lowered slowly and silently to reduce the infant’s stress from acoustic stimulation.
  • Double Lock System - the double lock system prevents the admittance panel from opening accidentally

Temperature Management

  • Air curtain - to minimize a drop in the incubator air temperature even when a snap-open access ports are opened
  • Excellent visibility - condensation does not accumulate when using continuously high humidification levels


  • External X-ray cassette tray - the X-ray cassette can be drawn out from either side of the incubator without opening the admittance panel
  • Easily detachable humidity chamber - the humidity chamber can be detached and cleaned easily
  • Sanitary structure for thorough cleaning of the unit - the component parts of the incubator can be detached and cleaned easily
  • Electro static filter - can be checked through the transparent window and is easily exchanged without using any tool

An an all-round manufacturer specialising in the production of perinatal care products, Atom Medical Corporation promotes research and development for state-of-the-art medical care. By making full use of the latest research equipment and years of accumulated data, Atom are able to develop new, innovative products quickly to meet the ever-changing needs of medical care providers around the world.

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