ATOM Air Incu-i.

Based on over 60 years of experience, Atom has developed the Air Incu i using the latest technology in temperature control, whilst maintaining a reduced noise level, to minimise stresses on babies.

For Babies...

Air Curtain Technology - minimises temperature loss when a port is opened

Humidity Control - adjustable humidity control allows up to 95% relative humidity, meeting the needs of even the smallest of neonates. 

Low Noise - noise levels in the Air Incu-i are kept to a low 45dB, reducing stress on young patients

Minimal Handling - A built-in weight monitor allows the neonate to be weighed inside the incubator, the "womb like" environment. Body weight is measured in 1g increments allowing for slight increases or decreases to easily be identified.

Night Mode - night time, low level light mode reduces light stimulation

For Clinicians...

Flexibility - Extensive options and accessories ensure the Air Incu-i can be tailored to suit the needs of your unit.

Antimicrobial panel screen - the use of antimicrobial surface coating helps to keep the frequently in-use screen clean.

Jointless hood structure - Jointless hood minimizes the chance that surfaces are left unwiped/unclean, and ensures good visibility of the patient in the incubator.

Hood disassembly - The hood can be disassembled without any tools being required. Should any part of the hood be broken or damaged it can be replaced individually, which helps to reduce costs and improve maintenance and cleaning/disinfection efficiency.

Since developing Japan's first Infant Incubator, Atom Medical has made great contributions to the reduction of neonatal mortality rate for over 60 years. Atom's mission and passion 'To Save a tiny baby life' has led them to meet global standards and pursue originality. Atom Medical continuously makes efforts to improve outcomes for the tiniest babies.

For more information, or to see relevant materials, please visit the Atom Website.





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