Palliative Care Pain Management.

Micrel MPmlh+ Syringe Driver.

The MPmlh+ is a simple and reliable syringe driver using 10 to 50 ml standard syringes to provide infusion therapy for a wide range of applications. It is truly ambulatory with a robust design, trouble-free set up and accurate delivery in ml/hr with bolus option.

A clear informative display giving easy alarm identification with a dual micro-processor construction gives the user confidence in drug delivery applications requiring portability.

The ultra low battery consumption makes the MP mlh+ ideal for both homecare and hospital treatments.


  • The MPmlh+ accommodates all the new safety standards including the NHS National Patient Safety Agency recommendations (NPSA/2010/RRR019)
  • Safe for hospital or homecare use
  • Lockable flow rate and keypad to reduce errors and prevents tampering
  • Adjustable occlusion setting for different drug therapies
  • Error reduction features and a downloadable event log
  • Range of carrying options including hard and soft lockable boxes


  • Extended 3 Year warranty offer
  • Servicing period is once every 3 years 
  • MTBF 72,000 hours based on over 25 years on manufacturing ambulatory syringe drivers
  • Technical training courses available


  • Lightweight (only 220 grams) and compact
  • Simple ml/hr set up and uses standard (low cost) syringes
  • Extremely easy to prepare, operate and check in use
  • Selectable syringe sizes (10-50ml) and types or fixed syringe versions available
  • Configurable options to customise the pump for specific applications
  • Can accommodate full volume of the syringe i.e. you can draw up and deliver a full 20ml


  • Low cost of ownership with non-dedicated consumables 
  • Extended service schedules
  • Long battery life with alkaline batteries of 2-3 months of continuous operation (70 full infusions)
  • Inspiration Healthcare offers competency based training, the Trainer Support for clinical staff

Micrel Medical Devices SA is a medical technology company designing, manufacturing and marketing "smart" drug delivery systems. We offer a full range of ambulatory volumetric and syringe infusion pumps, administration sets, accessories as well as remote patient infusion control and monitoring systems and services for a broad array of hospital and home-based patient treatments.

For more information, or to see relevant materials, please visit the Micrel website.


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