Regional Analgesia.

Micrel Rythmic™ Evolution PCRA.

Micrel Rythmic™ Evolution PCRA is an ambulatory pump for localised Acute and Chronic Pain management.


  • The new Rythmic Evolution brings Pain Management to a new era by interacting with the patient and allowing the patient to record his pain level during the therapy through an integrated Visual Analogue Scale (VAS)
  • A protocol library is included in the pump. Caregivers can titrate the selected infusion protocol, staying within pre-programmed safety limits
  • Custom menu with or without Bolus / Dose Limit / Loading dose to fit therapy protocols and avoid set up errors
  • Easy review of patient history thanks to easy-to-read history menu on the pump and display of graphs
  • Simplified set up menu with a 3-step start procedure: Enter Rate, Volume to Infuse and Start infusion.
  • Allows for "Preventive Maintenance" notices
  • Ability to print history and events on a portable printer or download on a PC
  • Connectivity to our proprietary mobile GPRS device IP-Connect that allows for the best infusion monitoring service available today through our web based MicrelCare Service system

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