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Micrelcare & Rythmic Connect.

Micrelcare is a unique web based service for the medical industry, which enables healthcare professionals to monitor clinical and technical information throughout a patient’s infusion therapy.

Data is transmitted wirelessly by GPRS, via the Rythmic Connect module, to a web based data centre. Authorised clinical staff can remotely log in for instant access to real time data and patient history, allowing them to monitor the patients and thereby improving both patient care and therapy outcomes.


• Instant access to real time infusion data, 24 hours a day 
• Receive clinical feedback for your patient 
• Receive SMS or email alerts to technical and clinical events instantly 
• Evaluate therapy progress & patient compliance with full history view 
• Adjust the infusion protocol online

Micrelcare is compatible with the Micrel Mini Rythmic PN+ and the Micrel Rythmic Evolution PCA & PCRA. Rythmic Connect is powered by a rechargeable Li-Ion battery that can be charged while the device is on or off.

• Size: 100 x 50 x 23 mm
• Weight: 95g

For more information, or to see relevant materials, please visit the Micrel website.





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