Post-operative Pain Management.

Micrel Rythmic™ Evolution PCA.

Micrel Rythmic™ Evolution is an ambulatory pump for Acute and Chronic Pain management. Offering a step change in managing acute pain with a host of innovative features, accessories and delivery systems:


  • Intuitive programming - set up is simple and all sets contain pre-assembled components, avoiding addional connections. 
  • Interative Pain Scores - Patients can record their pain scores on the pump, which can be linked to bolus demands.
  • Built-in medication error prevention - The therapy- based protocol library allows titration of the selected infusion protocol, staying within pre-programmed safety limits.
  • Effective alarm managment - A needless alarm can cause cause undue worry. But with an air elimnation filter, the Rythmic Evolution is designed to reduce nuisance alarms without compromise.

For more information, or to see relevant materials, please visit the Micrel website.

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