Adult Intensive Care (ICU).

Vision Alpha® HFOV.

High Frequency Oscillation Ventilation

Vision Alpha® HFOV incorporates High Frequency Oscillation for optimal lung protection and conventional ventilation modes for patient weaning. Spontaneous patient breaths supported in HFO. Heated exhalation gas filter and optimal humidification. Embedded heated wire to eliminate rain out.

Vision Alpha ® also offers substantial technological progress to past HFOV ventilators:

  • Quiet operation
  • Enables spontaneous breathing with HFOV
  • Heated exhalation filter
  • Large volume oscillation diaphragm for highly effective oxygenation and CO2 removal
  • Extended patient monitoring

A Quantum Leap in Ventilation

Vision Alpha is a quantum leap in high frequency oscillatory ventilation.

Vision Alpha is also the first ventilator that combines HFOV and conventional ventilation modes in one device.

Different ventilation modes (HFOV, spontaneous and conventional ventilation) can be selected merely by the turn of a button. Smooth adjustment to changes in the patient’s condition and the best possible therapy can thus be ensured. The microprocessor controlled Vision Alpha provides maximum reliability and quiet operation.

Optimal oxygen delivery is ensured with ventilation frequencies up to 15 cycles per second. Sufficient ventilation is ensured also with similar tidal volumes as the anatomical dead space. Thus Vision Alpha enables advanced protective ventilation strategies.

Easy to Use

  • Easy switch between 3 modes: HFOV, CPAP and CMV

Better monitoring due to numerous alarm settings, e.g.:

  • Individually adjustable amplitude alarm, thus early recognition of secretion dislocation.
  • Automated restart after disconnection.
  • Adjustable medium pressure.

Spontaneous breaths are supported during HFOV therefore less sedation maybe possible.

Specially developed flexible ventilation hoses:

  • Less chance of disconnection.
  • Both the inspiration and exhalation limbs of the patient circuit are temperature controlled.
  • Water traps are no longer necessary.
  • Easier to manage the patient, rotating, prone positioning etc.

Expiratory filter provides sterility in the treatment room.

Quiet operation benefits the patient as well as physicians and nursing staff.

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