Adult Intensive Care (ICU).

Novalung iLA Membrane Ventilator®.

Novalung iLA Membrane Ventilator® is an extrapulmonary ventilation system that breathes for the patient and thus enables greater focus on lung protection. The main function of the iLA Membrane Ventilator® is to eliminate carbon dioxide. It is supplied with blood from the heart just like a natural organ and gas exchange is achieved via a heparin-coated diffusion membrane, which is resistant to plasma leakage. The iLA Membrane is connected to the patient via arterial and venous NovaPort® femoral cannulae.

The iLA Membrane Ventilator® is indicated for the therapy of respiratory acidosis due to primary hypercapnic lung failure. A rational indication also exists for hypercapnic patients with exacerbated COPD and to support ventilator weaning. The iLA Membrane Ventilator® is an essential piece of hospital equipment and is approved for use for up to 29 days.

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