Adult Intensive Care (ICU).

Novalung iLA activve®.

The Novalung iLA activve® system is a respiratory care product configured to allow patients to move about during their respiratory support as all necessary components are mounted on an easily movable trolley. Furthermore, the iLA Membrane Ventilator® and the iLA activve® pump are height-adjustable via a quick-release handle so that physicians and nursing staff can easily react to the patient’s individual needs depending on whether the patient wants to lie in bed, sit up or even walk a few steps.


  • Novalung iLA activve® is a further step towards replacing invasive mechanical ventilation
  • The iLA Membrane Ventilator® is the only gas exchanger specifically designed for long-term respiratory support
  • iLA activve® therapy promotes awake patients who can be mobilised to sit up in bed or sit in a chair, participate actively in their physical therapy and stand up
  • The intelligent iLA activve® system is complemented by the latest cannula development from Novalung, the NovaPort® twin double-lumen cannula

Novalung iLA Activve system comprises:


The iLA Activve Console uses a touchscreen that can be detached from the stand for easy handling. An integrated back-up system enables the console to run for 6 hours or more without mains power using hot-swappable batteries.


Novalung’s iLA Membrane Ventilator is the only gas exchanger specifically developed for long-term respiratory support. Featuring a heparin-coated PMP hollow-fibre membrane for the lowest flow resistance, the iLA Membrane Ventilator has a proven reliability and safety record with over 5,000 applications worldwide. It offers highly efficient gas exchange with a blood flow range of 0.5 – 4.5 L/min and pressure on the blood side up to 350 mmHg.


Novalung iLA Activve features a centrifugal pump with diagonal flow and a magnetic drive unit for a wide and efficient flow range (0-8 L/min):

• Easy adjustment of performance and accurate flows even in low-flow range

• Superior patient safety due to:

  • Preload regulation (automatic adjustment of drainage)
  • 0-flow-mode (flow stops on bubble detection)
  • Autopilot (setting of target flow)
  • High hydraulic performance with very low priming volume (only 16 ml)
  • Pump disposable is integrated and pre-connected in the iLA activve® set


The iLA activve® is easy to handle as components are mounted on a single trolley with adjustable height to meet the patient’s individual needs and protect blood components.

For more information, or to see relevant materials, please visit the Novalung website.





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