Recent Role Developments and Key Changes


At Inspiration Healthcare, we are committed to developing and enhancing our team in their careers and providing opportunities for growth.

Over the last few months, we have had some key transformations and role developments:

Katie McHale – Micrel Team Leader

Katie joined Inspiration Healthcare in April 2018 as a Product Support Specialist for the Infusion Therapy team with a wealth of knowledge and experience behind her. Katie has an excellent background in hospital, community and palliative care experience, and before joining us had experience in leadership and management roles within these areas. In addition, Katie has been a registered children’s nurse for 14 years.

Since 2018, Katie has played an instrumental role within the Home Healthcare business of Inspiration Healthcare, supporting the growth and leading success in new relationships. The experience and knowledge that Katie has gained throughout this time, coupled with her previous roles, will allow her to develop a team capable of delivering a patient focussed care service in partnership with Micrel.

Alex Angelopoulos – Head of Product Management

Alex joined Inspiration Healthcare in September 2018 as Product Manager, looking after the Neonatal Therapy Products within Inspiration Healthcare’s product portfolio. His background is in Biomedical Engineering and he has worked in the Medical Devices industry as a Service Engineer and a Regional Sales Manager, before moving to Product Management. He was Product Manager at SLE and led the development of the SLE6000 ventilator from concept to launch and beyond, among other projects.

Throughout Alex’s time at Inspiration, he has gained a thorough detailed knowledge of all our products and has been responsible for; Tecotherm Neo, Unique+ CFM, Inspire nCPAP™, Inspire rPAP™ and First Breath.

Nigel Weston - Head of Operations and Service

With over 30 years’ experience in business transformation, supply chain and customer service, Nigel strongly believes in championing practices which foster innovation, knowledge creation, team working. Nigel joined Inspiration Healthcare 18 months ago from Hitachi Rail, having completed the initial delivery of 70 new high-speed trains to GWR. These units operate at the cutting edge of innovation using 24/7 condition monitoring, permitting the latest predictive maintenance regimes to be deployed across the rail UK network, improving both efficiency and customer service levels. 

In the past, Nigel has worked across a variety of organisations in the automotive, healthcare, manufacturing, retail (FMCG) and transportation sectors, predominantly within high volume multi-site international operations on the alignment of supply chain processes through collaboration projects and systems integration. Companies have included Capgemini, Renault, Volvo, Jaguar, Daewoo, Porsche, Sony, Disney. Bayer. 

Nigel joined us at Inspiration Healthcare in 2018 as Head of Operations. This was a newly developed position, created to improve our efficiencies in this core area of our business as well as putting in place the building blocks for further expansion. Nigel has further enhanced his skills and knowledge over the past 18 months in his role, which has put him in excellent stead to accept a new challenge and fulfil his new position

(Pictured from left to right: Alex, Katie, Nigel)

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