Inspiration Healthcare support HAN Week!


Inspiration Healthcare are delighted to be supporting Home Artificial Nutrition (HAN) Week 2020.

At Inspiration Healthcare, as part of our Homecare business area, and through our dedicated Infusion Therapy team, we distribute the Micrel PN+ pump which is an ambulatory infusion device designed to safely administer PN whilst allowing patients freedom and independence.  

The nature of the work carried out by our Infusion Therapy team means that we work closely with the patients who receive PN, along with their nursing teams. Through working closely with these parties, we recognise how important it is for the patient to have access to support services such as PINNT who not only provide guidance and support to patients, but they also provide essential support to Healthcare professionals. This essential support includes education on the realities of life for patients who receive artificial nutrition.

We are therefore celebrating HAN Week to support PINNT, and to raise awareness of essential nutritional treatments received by patients within the community.

Throughout the week, we will be engaging in a number of different activities to show our support and help raise awareness on the above topics. Whilst our activities will be focusing on raising awareness externally, we also believe that this is an excellent opportunity to raise awareness and educate internally within the organisation to further enhance the knowledge of our team. This will mainly be done through our Rucksack Challenge, as outlined below.  

Personal Stories:

Throughout HAN Week, our Infusion Therapy team will be sharing their own stories and experiences with HPN (Home Parenteral Nutrition), both from their personal lives and throughout their careers as nurses.

These will be recorded either as written blogs, or video diaries and will be shared throughout their week via our social media platforms.

Ezekiel’s Challenge – Inspiration Healthcare Rucksack Challenge:

Each year, PINNT suggest a variety of activities which individuals and organisations can participate in. This year, we have decided to accept Ezekiel’s challenge. Ezekiel is 7 years old and he is enterally fed. This year, Ezekiel set a challenge for people to set their own small challenge. At Inspiration Healthcare, we have accepted this, and we will be holding our own Rucksack Challenge for a day! 3 individuals within Inspiration Healthcare have volunteered and will be living a day in the life of an HPN patient, including the equipment which patients would typically have. We will be setting simple tasks and challenges for the individuals throughout the day, aiming to raise awareness internally as well as externally in line with HAN Week.

Social Media:

We will be sharing content on our social media platforms (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram) throughout the week, including the personal stories. We will also be sharing content put out by PINNT themselves.

For more information on HAN Week and how you can get involved, visit the PINNT website here

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