PINNT - HAN (Home Artificial Nutrition) Awareness Week 2018

This week (6th-12th August 2018) is HAN (Home Artificial Nutrition) Week, promoted by PINNT. Inspiration Healthcare is a member of PINNT, as well as Moira Kallis (Product Specialist – Infusion Therapy) being a very proud member of 'Team Tag' who produced the PINNT 'Medical Tag'. HAN Week is a very important week to raise awareness, as seen in the statement below provided by Carolyn Wheatley, Chair of PINNT.

'During the week we will be featuring a number of patient stories, asking people to join in with various things and highlighting the fact that since last year's awareness week, we have fulfilled our promise to make our medical tag available for enteral members too.

We truly believe that anyone who needs to, or wishes to, should feel safe in public when using an ambulatory rucksack with the equipment in. It’s so easy for people to tell us to ‘just do it’, it’s not as easy for some as it sounds. We all know that heightened security means a little more for PINNT members to worry about when feeding in public. Last year during HAN week we introduced our medical tag and this year we celebrate it even more.

  • It was shortlisted for the New Product of the Year, CN Awards 2018
  • It’s available for enteral members now
  • A poster about our product has been accepted for ESPEN 2018
  • We have been asked to consider sharing this with other patient groups around the world
  • We are already working on the upgraded tag for next year
  • and finally…
  • We continue to make it free to PINNT members.

We truly do put patients at the centre of our activity!

HAN week 2018 video + activity: Use this link to see what’s happening and read stories:'.

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